• Barbara Bass's Sparkle V will change a casual outfit into something dressy. Great for travel or after work. This handwoven piece comes in Black Sparkle or Flat Black.

  • Enjoy this beautiful lightweight scarf. Made of individual pieces that can be tied together. Chiffon colors vary and are limited editions. Call for available colors and prints.

  • Collar Hood Scarf-Shawl with a choice of marabou or curly ostrich feathers is a versatile piece that turns into a collar-scarf-hood. Very popular. Call for available colors.

Experience the Joy!

Own an amazing, Creations By B, wearable fiber art product that is a one-of-a-kind piece of clothing. The versatile, practical, stylish pieces come in neutrals, as well as, vibrant colors. Many of the remarkable wearables are adorned with marabou or ostrich feathers and can be worn in a variety of ways to uniquely accessorize. All works of wearable art are designed individually and utilize imported, natural fibers from all over the world. Each piece purchased will make you look great and feel fabulous.

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